5 Top Selling GNC Whey Protein Powders For Energy and Endurance

When listing the most popular supplements in the fitness world, whey protein tops the list. It is known to deliver great results and is effective in providing daily requirement of protein through its high quality whey. The best part about GNC whey protein is that there is a supplement for every need. Whether you are a beginner level fitness enthusiast or a professional bodybuilder, GNC protein powder is for everyone.

It is important to choose the right kind of whey protein supplement that aligns with your fitness goals and ensures that you get maximum gains. Some of the main benefits of consuming GNC protein powder on a regular basis are – builds immunity, helps in quick and sustained recovery, helps gain muscle mass, reduces cholesterol, may lower blood pressure, may help treat type 2 diabetes, beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease etc.

Listed below are the 5 bestselling GNC whey protein powders for energy and endurance.

1. GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein Vanilla Cream

GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein is the best GNC whey protein supplement. It helps meet your daily protein requirements and enhances metabolism. It is the perfect GNC protein powder to fuel your muscles and provide speedy and sustained recovery after intense workouts.

It is a gluten free formula and ideal for men and women. The main benefits are – 100% whey protein blend with appropriate amount of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate for best results, helps in body building and maintenance, is loaded with digestive enzymes and that’s why it is easy and quick to digest, has great amino acid profile. Each serving of GNC Pro Performance 100% whey protein delivers 24 g high quality protein and 5.5 g BCAAs for quick lean muscle recovery post strenuous workouts.

2. GNC AMP Pure Isolate

GNC AMP Pure Isolate is one of the top selling GNC whey protein isolate supplements. It is an advanced formula that delivers 25 g of high quality protein in each serving. It is also enriched with 5.5 g BCAAs and 17 g muscle supporting amino acids to speed up the recovery process. GNC AMP Pure Isolate is a fast absorbing protein which helps in muscle growth and repair. If your ultimate fitness goal is to build energy and endurance, then this GNC protein powder will be the perfect match for your routine.

The main benefit of whey protein isolate is that it has least amount of fat and lactose which makes it the perfect choice for lactose intolerant people as well. GNC AMP Pure Isolate is available in 2 variants – vanilla and chocolate frosting.

3. GNC Beyond Raw Powder ISO Peptide protein

A result oriented protein supplement that is efficient and affordable at the same time is GNC Beyond Raw Powder ISO Peptide protein. It is the perfect blend of protein and peptides meticulously combined in a 10X10X10 anabolic protein matrix. On regular consumption it’ll optimize amino acid utilization and nutrient uptake while maximizing post training anabolic response.

It comes in 3 amazing variants – vanilla, cookies and cream, and chocolate. The protein matrix has 10 g complex of whey and collagen peptides, 10 g whey protein isolate, and 10 g Micellar casein). The main benefits of this GNC protein powder are – helps with muscle growth and repair, is enriched with leucine which stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and has BCAAs for quick and sustained recovery. Consume it post workout for best results.

4. GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced

GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced is one of the most popular and renowned GNC whey protein for energy and endurance. It is a premium whey protein formula that comes loaded with optimum combination of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolysate. It is the perfect GNC protein powder to assist in quick muscle recovery and maximizing muscle gain.

It is available in 4 variants – double rich chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and delicious strawberry. Each serving delivers 24 g high quality protein, 5.5 g naturally occurring BCAAs and 4 g glutamine to help speed up muscle recovery. It is also enriched with 100 mg digestive enzymes which assist in enhancing digestion and absorption of protein in the body. Add 1 scoop in 180 – 240 ml chilled water or milk and blend for 30 seconds to make a smooth shake.

5. GNC Beyond Raw LIT – clinically dosed pre workout

Including a good quality pre workout supplement in your workout routine will be greatly beneficial. It is will give you that pump and energy to power through your intense workouts. GNC Beyond Raw LIT is a clinically dosed pre workout supplement. It comes in 2 flavors – fruit punch and blue raspberry.

If you want to train with focus and be energized throughout and after your workout, then this is the perfect GNC protein powder. Each serving provides 3 g beta alanine, 1.5 g micronized creatine, 250 mg caffeine, and 3 g L-Citrulline. You can consume it pre or post workout, and even on non-training days for best results. It is a gluten free and sugar free formula. The potent and effective formula boosts energy, mental alertness, and pumps, and it reduces the onset of muscle soreness which helps in quicker recovery.

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Make sure you consult your doctor before including any new supplement in your routine. It is also important that you don’t exceed the mentioned dosage on the package to avoid any side effects or allergic reactions.